About Us

Essentially a startup, "Smartup" started out with the goal of providing creative means for tourism in Georgia; the country with its rich history and great many tourist attractions has become a travel destination to visit like no other and travelers from all over the globe who come to visit Georgia can expect a safe and relaxing experience.


Smartup aims to have a role in Georgia's economic development through implementing a number of tourism projects.


   Geo-Card happens to be one Smartup project in the same vein which by providing various discount options encourages travelers to spend more efficiently at stores and restaurants, and make better use of other tour services they require.

 These discounts also include famous tour attractions and costs related to tourists traveling with their families to Georgia so they could enjoy their visits to the country's historical landmarks and entertainment destinations more.


All individuals and companies working in the field of tourism are more than welcome to contact Smartup for the intention of cooperation.