Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Geo-Card is a multifaceted discount offer project developed by the "Smartup" company, which aims to encourage tourists to buy and order from restaurants, stores and tourist facilities while travelling.

These discounts also cover tourist attractions; therefore tourists who travel with their families can have a great time visiting Georgia's historical sites and entertainment destinations.

Hotels, hostels, supermarkets and tour guide booths are among Geo-Card's points of sale.

You can find a list of Geo-Card stores at the Geo-Card website or via the all free Geo-Card app, and then go to your nearest point of sale.


One Geo-Card plus a map of Tbilisi's tourist destinations costs 10 Georgian Lari.

Better yet, with this card you will have 5 discount codes at your disposal and you can save more in your travelling costs.


Geo-Card can only be purchased via specified stores all over Georgia.

Moreover, Geo-Card does not require you to be online at all times. That means, if you lose internet connection during your travel, you can keep using your Geo-Card regardless.


All discount providers who cooperate with Geo-Card are listed on the Geo-Card website and its app. These may include:

- Restaurants and traditional/modern pubs and coffee shops in Georgia

- Georgia's hotels, hostels or other accommodation facilities

-Stores and shopping malls

-Museums and historical monuments

- 'Family and kids' entertainment and recreation centers

- Massage centers, relaxation pools and beauty salons

- Car rental companies

-- Group tours visiting famous destinations in Georgia

- etc.


First you will have to pick a discount provider location. You can access the Geo-Card website or app to view the full list of providers. Additionally, while walking down the streets of Tbilisi, you can spot our discount providers just by the Geo-Card sign at their entrance!

- After you have located the store which provides the discount you have selected, you can travel there and order everything you need.

- Upon payment, show your Geo-Card during the checkout process; the cashier will register the discount code in the system and apply your selected discount option.

I do not own Georgian debit/credit/bank cards. So what should I do in order to use the discounts?

- Geo-Card does not require any sort of banking procedure.

- You can make use of Georgia's discount options with cash, without the need for owning a Georgian bank card.




- To receive your prize, you can go to the Smartup company office in Tbilisi.

Do not forget to bring along your Geo-Card as well as your passport.


- You have up to 6 months after winning to visit the Smartup Company office in Tbilisi to receive your award.

If you absolutely have to travel back home and are no longer staying in Georgia, you can also leave your Geo-Card with a friend so he/she will be able to pick up the prize for you.

- Here is another suggestion: you can donate your prize to charity organizations in Georgia; if you intend to do so, you will have to notify us of your decision via an E-mail to the Geo-Card support team. We will then keep you up to speed of the prize donation process to the charity organizations.

If there is a problem in using Geo-Card you can contact the Geo-Card technical support at this number: +995 555 36 0009