7 million

7,000,000 tourists visit Georgia each year


How much do you make of this great number?


Our offer:

Join the Geo-Card network

Geo-Card's objective = More discount for tourists + More customers for you 

What is Geo-Card?

Geo-Card is a tourist discount card that comes with 5 discount codes for 5 purchases.

How does Geo-Card work?

Geo-Card informs tourists on Georgia's discounted merchandise, services and entertainment activities.


How does Geo-Card benefit you?


Tourists can see your advertisement in 6 languages on a most-visited website.

You do not have to pay much to get recognition.

How do I cooperate with Geo-Card?

Contact Smartup, the company which runs Geo-Card.

Tell us the discount amount you intend to provide for Geo-Card clients.

We place your ads. in 6 languages on www.geo-card.ge and the Geo-Card mobile app.

Welcome to the Geo-Card network!


Special offer:

One year of free advertising on the Geo-Card website for the first 50 discount providers

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