Terms and Conditions

Dear visitor, the following serve as guidelines for a better application of Geo-Card.
Please read at your convenience.


Key Terminology:


1 - Geo-Card

Geo-Card is a discount card provided by the Smartup company.

Geo-Card clients in Georgia can make use of the discount options presented in the Geo-Card website.


2 - Discount Code

A discount code is a twelve-digit number printed on the back of the Geo-Card, covered with a silver-colored coating.

Each Geo-Card includes 5 distinct discount codes.

Each code is equal to a one-time use in a discount provider place of business.

Upon discount use, each code must be registered by the discount provider in the Geo-Card registration system.

After a code is registered in the Geo-Card system, it becomes invalid.

After a code is registered in the Geo-Card system, it will be considered for the weekly draw.


3 - Discount Providers

Are companies, stores, restaurants, hotels and individuals holding a cooperation agreement with the Smartup company, who are introduced on the Geo-Card website at:

Discount Providers must give discounts to Geo-Card owners, based on prices and discount amounts announced on the website.

Discount Providers are recognized by having placed stickers that read
"We accept Geo-Card" on the entrance of their store.



4 - Customers

Those who have obtained Geo-Card from points of sale, are Geo-Card customers or clients.

Geo-Card clients can use the discounts announced on the Geo-Card website.

Geo-Card clients must provide their discount code upon using a discount option.


5 - Discount Provider Login

An online system inside which discount providers can log in with a username and password, and register the discount code(s) belonging to Geo-Card clients.


6 - Customer Draw


Every week a draw is held based on the discount codes entered in the Geo-Card system.

Each Geo-Card used equals to one chance for participation in the weekly draw.

Each discount code will be considered for the weekly draw, after it has been used and registered in the Geo-Card website by the discount provider.

Winners each week are announced on the Geo-Card website.

Each discount code can only be used once in the draw.


7 - Prizes

Weekly prizes include cash and non-monetary rewards that are determined by the Smartup company and announced via the Geo-Card website.

Winners must present their Geo-Card upon receiving the prize.


8 - Points of Sale

Points of Sale include stores or stalls that sell Geo-Card at the price of 10 Lari.

Points of sale are introduced on the Geo-Card website.

In order to buy Geo-Card one does not need to present their passport or residence card. Each customer can buy as many Geo-Cards as needed for his or her own use, family members or friends.